Umbraco 4.7简体中文语言包

Umbraco 4.7简体中文语言包,翻译完成度100%


  • 拷贝zh.xml文件至于umbraco\config\lang目录
  • 登录umbraco后台管理界面,切换到“users”管理模块,修改用户的默认语言为“简体中文”


Umbraco标准化设计之1 - DocumentType设计指南

1. 命名规则

1.1. 文档类型(DocumentType)命名规则

Document Type

图 1. Document Type命名示例






Package Action Samples

I got this from CodePlex, it was created by Richard Soeteman and various other people and can be found on CodePlex here - Personally I can't beleive this isn't in the WIKI as its GOLD information, and I only found out about it from a blog reply!

Also with in this is a GREAT peice of information is this cool package that lets you TEST your actions are correct



Rich text editor and line breaks

I have had several editors asking me this:

“When I hit enter I create a new paragraph but I just want a line break”

Solution: when you want to insert a line break you hit shift enter

Only log in umbraco members when they have been approved

A common thing when dealing with members on your site is that they need to be approved after registration before they can access the protected area on your site.

This post describes a simple way of doing that.

On the umbraco member type I have a True/false property with the alias active. If this is set to true on the member he is an ‘active’ member and is allowed to log in.

Adding a language selector to your multilingual umbraco site

Create mutlilingual sites with umbraco, there are several approaches in doing this, the one I use the most is to have multiple ‘top level’ nodes (I’ll make a screencast of this in a future post). So for each language you would have a top level node.

The content tree would look like this:



Custom document type icons/thumbnails


When creating or editing a document type you are able to select an icon and a thumnail image from a dropdown.


The icon will show up in the content section and the thumbnail will be used in the ‘Create Page’ dialog. Giving different document types a different icon/thumbnail is a good way to keep the content section a bit more editor friendly.

It’s also verry easy to add your own custom icons/thumbnails the only thing you need to do is add your images to the folders where these images are stored